"We take our inspiration from the pure mountain wilderness that fills the views from our Motueka windows."

Our team at the Soy Works has been making soy bean derived products in our kitchen for almost 25 years. Inspired by the natural wilderness of the surrounding national parks, the endless days of sunshine and the verdant fertility of Motueka's orchards and gardens, we have naturally focused on producing a quality range of healthy, pure and tasty products.

The Soy Works has become the first tofu manufacturer in New Zealand to commit to using ONLY soybeans grown in New Zealand.  No more soybeans imported from Australia, Canada or China for us.  We believe in supporting our local farmers and paying a fair price of our soybeans.  Keep an eye out for our eye catching packaging in supermarkets near you.  Also, we will be revamping our website in the near future with more information, recipes and pictures of our products.  In the meantime please visit Facebook/ The Soy Works NZ and become a fan.

The Soy Works NZ page on Facebook has an abundance of information on our products.

Our complete product range is designed as an alternative to meat products; high in protein, low in fat and gluten free.

The Soy Works is supporting a GM Free New Zealand.